Surgeon Salary Review

surgeon salary

Is your salary on par with similar surgeons in your area?

A surgeon’s salary is typically comprised of several compensation buckets. These buckets may include base compensation, bonuses based on productivity or value, or other metrics defined in your practice setting.

Evaluating all of these moving pieces can be confusing and cumbersome. To make the matter more complex, a surgeon’s salary differs by specialty, location, and experience. 

Medical practices often use national data reported by MGMA or Sullivan Cotter to create compensation packages. Other  compensation resources include Doximity, Medscape, and Merritt Hawkins. A quick search for compensation in your area and specialty will likely direct you to sites like or

These sources can give you a general gauge for where your compensation stands, but unfortunately, they are unlikely to benefit you when it comes time to negotiate your salary.

That’s where the SCC Team comes in. 

The best care deserves the best compensation. SCC simplifies complex compensation packages to help you to determine and negotiate the right salary, benefits, and cultural fit for you.

We have the data analytics and tools to help you successfully navigate your compensation. 

We review all surgeon specialties, including but not limited to:

Bariatric Surgeon Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon
Breast Surgeon Pediatric Neurosurgery Surgeon
Cardiovascular Surgeon Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Colon and Rectal Surgeon Pediatric Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon
Corneal and Refractive Surgeon Pediatric Surgeon
Endocrine Surgeon Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeon
Endovascular Surgeon Plastic and Reconstruction-Hand Surgeon
Foot and Ankle Surgeon Spine Surgeon
General Surgeon Sports Medicine Surgeon
Hand Surgeon Thoracic Surgeon
Hip and Joint Surgeon Transplant Surgeon
Mohs Surgeon Transplant-Heart Surgeon
Neurological Surgeon Transplant-Heart/Lung Surgeon
Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Transplant-Kidney Surgeon
Oncology Surgeon Transplant-Liver Surgeon
Ophthalmology Surgeon Trauma Surgeon
Oral Surgeon Trauma-Burn Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgeon Vascular Surgeon
Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon Podiatry Surgeon
Pathology Surgeon Shoulder/Elbow Surgeon

We review locations by the following regions and states:

Eastern Southern Midwest Western
Connecticut Alabama Illinois Alaska
Delaware Arkansas Indiana Arizona
Maine Florida Iowa California
Maryland Georgia Michigan Colorado
Massachusetts Kansas Minnesota Hawaii
New Hampshire Kentucky Nebraska Idaho
New Jersey Louisiana North Dakota Montana
New York Mississippi Ohio Nevada
North Carolina Missouri South Dakota New Mexico
Pennsylvania Oklahoma Wisconsin Oregon
Rhode Island South Carolina Utah
Vermont Tennessee Washington
Virginia Texas
West Virginia

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