Provider Compensation Analysis, Simplified

We know your time is valuable. Let us help you level the playing field.

SCC helps physicians navigate compensation opportunities. We empower our clients with the latest national data for salary and benefits. Let us help you navigate the business of medicine and verify fair pay.


SCC analyzes compensation terms, and benefits for surgeons using the latest national Provider Compensation Data. Our proprietary analytics program compares your compensation and benefits against the latest national data benchmarks.


SCC reviews your compensation against the national fair market value (FMV) benchmarks to identify missing compensation components, wages below FMV, areas of concern, and valuable negotiation leverage.


SCC simplifies complex physician compensation agreements to an actionable, client report. We include insightful data analytics, clear comparisons, cost of living, and quality of life data filters based on location(s), and relevant cultural fit considerations.


SCC prepares customized Provider Client Reports that are clear, concise, and timely. We arm clients with data analysis, valuable recommendations, and personalized considerations. At SCC, we take a systematic and streamlined approach to client consultation and reporting, because we know your time is valuable.


SCC provides phone and/or video consultation to review and discuss your compensation report and strategies moving forward.

Customized Client

Surgeons are unique.  We offer hourly consulting packages for specific areas of your career including:

  • Current provider compensation review
  • Preparing for contract renewal
  • Comparing and selecting the right employment offer for you
  • Negotiation services
  • Coordination for legal review
  • Physician burnout
  • Personalized cultural fit exploration


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