How to Help Primary Care Physicians Craft Sustainable Careers

“Burnout among primary care physicians in the United States is an especially big problem… But there are four ways that health care organizations can improve PCPs jobs.”

While this article focuses on PCPs, all physicians and surgeons can benefit from seeking healthcare organizations that focus on reducing burnout and promoting work-life balance. Here are four ways healthcare organizations can improve jobs.

  1. Hire for Fit
    • Employers can do this through hiring assessments and specific job descriptions including duties required from the physician, as well as what the position offers.
    • Employers can then allow applicants to pursue jobs based on their personal wants and needs.
  2.  Emphasize work-life balance:
    • Eliminate administrative burdens eg. hire scribes to decrease documentation time for physicians
    • Set weekly work-hour limits
    • Promote collaboration and communication using EHR
    • Tie a portion of pay to non-clinical accomplishments
  3. Promote professional development
  4. Let teams craft their members’ jobs 
    • Allow physicians to collaborate and support each other on workloads, schedules, skills, and desired clinical duties

Health care organizations need physicians. As many organizations face the reality of physicians shortages, physicians become more in demand.

Read the full Harvard Business Review article by Timothy Hoff here. 

Finding a practice that focuses on these items can be difficult to assess. SCC can help you determine if the culture is right for you. Whether you need the support or a negotiation partner, we have you covered.

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